Captus Corporate Advisory provides financial and strategic advice to new and growing businesses. We work across a range of industries which means that we can bring a new perspective and insight from different ways of working.


Captus also supports other professional advisors to complete projects which are outside their normal areas of expertise. Below is a summary of what Captus does and how we might help you to achieve your objectives.

Business owners

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new venture or a business owner looking to develop an existing business, Captus can work with you to turn your ideas into actions.


Captus can assist you with corporate finance transactions, business planning, market research, tax planning, communications strategies, raising capital (debt or equity) or financial restructurings.


Captus can work with start-ups, and other early stage companies, through a deferral of fees arrangement. In some circumstances, Captus can work for equity in your business, further reducing your capital outlay and ensuring that your interests are aligned with ours.

Professional advisors

In today's market for professional services the ability to offer specialised and bespoke services is critical for winning client confidence.


For professional firms seeking specialist support for corporate finance and strategic projects we can help.


Captus can provide you with the staff and expertise to help deliver projects requiring services including, strategy development, financial due diligence and company valuations.

Working with you

Captus can work with you on a retained basis, in order to deliver long term plans, or on discreet projects with shorter time horizons.


Captus is flexible in its approach and understands the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial businesses and the types of transactions they undertake.


Captus is a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and adheres to their exacting and high standards in all the services it provides.

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